Deadly Combinations

Rum and Coke. Drake and Josh. Strength and Speed. Fish and Chips. Sherlock and Watson. Salt and Pepper. Starsky and Hutch. Ben and Jerry. Intelligent and athletic. Batman and Robin. Wine and Cheese. Bonnie and Clyde (Maybe taking deadly too literal). Peanut butter and Jelly.

Combos. Deadly Combos. Some more delicious than deadly, especially PB&J.

Sometimes two “insignificant” elements become POWERFUL when combined.

Even if they seem outlandish at first. Sometimes seemingly polar opposites are great synergies.

Leverage the power of the combinations at your disposal.

What are you talking about Gunnar?

Lets say you have a great business idea but can’t execute. But you have a friend that’s a go-getter, very personable and overall has what you lack. That’s the protocol for the beginning of many start-ups. The mad genius and the face of the company. Steve Jobs and Wozniak.

The early examples were intentionally all over the place. Many things can be better utilized when combined.

The whole point is to experiment. Start that partnership. Mix those foods.

It’s easy to think that everything good is already thought of but its not. Just recently someone combined uber and hotels and made airbnb. You can start the next big thing.

Make your own deadly combination.




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