Bitcoin “FOMO”


Fear Of Missing Out.

In high school we didn’t have the trendy acronym for it, but it was REAL. And it still is.

Enter Bitcoin.

In the past 3 months Bitcoin went mainstream (at least from my perspective). Check this out. Coinbase is the number one exchange for crypto. Founded in June 2012,  it now has 11.9 MILLION users (as of November 2017).

coinbase users

^^ That is some astronomical growth. Especially in the past year.

If there was a chart that showed the relationship of users and bitcoin price, it would help paint an even better picture. But essentially bitcoin roughly tripled in the course of two weeks and users have rapidly grown in the past three months.

Once it skyrocketed EVERYONE was talking about it. And now no one wants to miss out, and were all worried we already did.

Enter “FOMO”.

I had a conversation like this a thousand times already, “Dude if I just bought last week at X, I would have made $$$$”.


“If I just bought Litecoin instead of Bitcoin I would have made X”


“If I bought Ethereum last Tuesday I would have made X”


IF if if.

If all our parents bought apple at its IPO we’d all be rich. It’s pointless to beat ourselves up over it.

I might just be writing this for myself. I made a few hundred bucks from it, and if I waited a bit longer I would have made a few thousand. But that’s life.

Don’t allow the fear of missing out of the next big jump compromise your overall peace. Its not that serious.




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