Dealing with “That Guy”

Hes always there. The one guy for whatever reason, you don’t mesh well with. He simply doesn’t like you. It makes you uneasy when your around him. You’d do anything to clear it up.

Well guess what, there will always be “that guy”. Everywhere.

He could be the cool kid in high school who makes fun of you in gym class. He could be a coworker. He could be a gym member. He could be in your college class.

He will always be there so you need to learn to how to deal with him.


First you need to realize something. Once you do its one of the most freeing realizations. Not everyone is going to like you, no matter what. Once you accept that life is truly less stressful. Its okay.

So be yourself. Be yourself, because everyone else is taken. Never try to change who you are for anyone. Unless your a dick, then definitely change. Like right now.

Beyond that, address it head on. If you had an actual altercation, being the bigger man and clearing the air is hard but truly heroic. It might not only make your life less stressful but his too. If its more of a passive aggressive situation, force eye contact and wave. It simple might be a misunderstanding, and once he sees your sincerity it could clear things up. If neither one of those work? Guess what, hes one of those that will never like you. Its okay.

I use the term “he” and “that guy”, but its interchangeable for anyone and especially women. Sorry girls but you can be the most caddy of them all at times.






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