My Go-To Saying For Awkward Conversations. And any other

“I hear ya”

The most multi-functional saying in my daily vocabulary.

I say it it nearly every conversation. And its not one of those habits like saying “Do you know what I mean” that your mother tells you to stop saying all the time. Because if she does, shes wrong.

This one is far too useful. And you should use it too. Do you know what I mean?

I first started saying “I hear ya” because of work. I’ve been working in sales since I graduated High School, so 6 years now? Real Estate, Mortgages, Insurance etc.

You need to become a good small talker for sales. I suck at small talk.

But I’m getting better.

A lot of times these conversations can be awkward.

Thats where “I hear ya” comes in.

It shocks me how often people talk about sensitive subjects. The most recent election was a prime example of this.

Them: “Enter various Hilary hate”

Me: “I hear ya”.

Them: “Enter various Trump hate”

Me: “I hear ya”.

You’d be surprised how often people bring up uncomfortable subjects. Relationships, race, politics, religion etc. Totally not good  small talk topics. But the simplest reply works for all of em, “I hear ya”.

Your not necessarily agreeing with the person or disagreeing. Your perfectly neutral. Its the perfect cop out without them even realizing.

It also works for subjects you have no idea what your talking about. I use it for sports talk. Anyone: “How bout that game last night, unreal right?” Me: “I hear ya”. Its not always a smooth escape but it works.


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