10 IAD Convenience Stores

Here are 10 things that convenience stores should start carrying (Disclaimer: They may already carry these)

  1. Latest video games. Not all of them, just whatever is currently hot. If I saw Red Dead Redemption 2 for sale at 711 cash register… I might grab it.
  2. Underwear. Ever go on a trip and forget to pack enough underwear? I have. I doubt I’m the only one…  I Hope.
  3. Quick gifts. Items for housewarming parties, holiday parties etc. Hallmark like products, candles etc.
  4. External chargers. I have lost or broke multiple external chargers for my phone, I would also pick up another.
  5. Zip drives. Do not take up much room, can sell for a premium.
  6. Liquor wine beer… It’s time for all states to be able to sell alcohol.
  7. Socks. Same reason as number 2.
  8. Apple accessories. All apple accessories should be available. Chargers, headphones, etc.
  9. Pet food. I for one don’t ever really want to make the trip out to the grocery store or pet store for dog food.
  10. Notebooks. I personally can never have enough. If composition books were at the register I’d always grab another.

I expected more clever ideas. Onward. The idea of these is to not stop all ten until you are done in one sitting and see what comes to mind.


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