10 IAD Industries Dominated By One

Here are 10 industries that are primarily dominated by company that I can think of. Companies in which are almost untouchable in their industry of choice. (Not saying they don’t have competitors, even fierce ones, but overall dominant in their field/niche)

  1. Jansport in backpacks. book bags backpacks, whatever you call it, you had a jansport.
  2. Hanes and underwear. At one time we have all owned underwear made by hanes.
  3. Colgate and toothpaste.
  4. Oldspice and deodorant.
  5. Canon and photography.
  6. H&M and Forever 21 for affordable fashion. Untouched, locally.
  7. Kleenex and tissues.
  8. Tide and laundry detergent.
  9. Verizon and cable.
  10. Netflix and streaming.

All ten of these have competitors, they do not have 100% market share. But they all have the majority (I believe). Why can’t others compete? I think it comes down to scale. They just get outpriced. And these are items in which value is primarily delivered by price not as much service driven markets.


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