The Millennial Misunderstanding

Enter Joe.

Joe has put 40 years on the job. Kids are out of the house. Enjoys watching the game and drinking Yuengling. (Not hating, I also dig Yuengling)

Joe is a baby boomer.

Joe’s favorite past time is criticizing millennials, second only to high school reminiscing. (Okay now I’m slightly hating)

His millennial bashing repertoire includes the classic entitled comment. Lazy. Expecting too much too soon. Afraid to work for anything. The familiar list drags on.

Granted, there is truth to most stereotypes especially this one.


overall most guys like Joe got it wrong.

First off, in many ways baby-boomers had it easier.

Tuition was MUCH less, on average 150% less in fact. There are far more barriers to entry, college degrees are a necessity for far more % of jobs these days. Housing is FAR more expensive whether it be renting or owning. And less commonly thought of, food is also substantially more expensive for example bread (per lb) has went from 51 cents to $1.41.

(I dunno if any of this is true but I read it somewhere and seemed like a good point)

I think majority of the millennial misunderstanding is due to the misunderstanding part.

Millennials are in a unique situation with great opportunity and great competition. We have so many options, opportunities, information etc. that we don’t know what to do! It’s hard for us to commit to one career because we seem older generations unhappy in their position that they stuck with. We are not entitled as much as eager because we know of all the options we have. Everyone else is also aware of these opportunities creating more competition than ever. Before simply having a college degree was a differentiator. Now people with masters degrees, experience at X high level company, and proficiency in coding are competing for the same jobs that before would only require a bachelor’s degree. Technology has drastically improved, and we grew with it. We are attached to our phones because they are attached to the new world. Things are much different than they were before and the methodology of “old money” tactics conflict with “new money” ideas.  Picking a career includes a monthly payment of $600-$1200+ due to school loans that keep us at home longer than ever.

Maybe as I type we I really mean me. Maybe it is easier now and I just am complaining. I actually am really happy with my current standing. Just a fun thought to explore.

-Gunnar, a millennial

( This one could have been better but I didn’t feel like deep diving much and just really wanted to talk about the idea and not make it seem like im complaining because I’m really not)




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