10 IAD #7 Being a Better Friend

Here are ten ways to become a better friend. Including things I need to work on, appreciate in others, or just think would bring value.

  1. Being straight forward. If you do not wish to do something, say it up front. Don’t make fake plans.
  2. Be on time.
  3. Be willing to go with the flow. Don’t change plans for your own personal preferences. If you don’t want to do the planned activity, no biggy!
  4. Support support support. Support one another.
  5. Check each other (and yourself, check yo self). Let one another know when they may be drifting off course in some way or another.
  6. Check in with one another. Haven’t talked in a while? Touch base.
  7. Phone calls. Phone calls are powerful.
  8. Extend invitations beyond the typical realm of friendship. Meaning, say this is a gym friend only, but maybe they want to be involved in other events, offer it to them.
  9. Blend friends. Invite friends from other groups that may not know one each other out together, maybe they will become friends themselves.
  10. Know what type of friendship deserves more time and which deserve less.

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