10 IAD #8 Removing The Middleman

In many ways I work as a middleman so I’m hesitant to even think about this, but here is a list of 10 industries that utilize middleman that could be removed resulting in better pricing.

10 things that do not require the human element:

(Disclaimer: just because they do not require the human element, does not mean there is value provided by the said human element)

(Double Disclaimer: I do not wish automation across the board, just interesting to think about)

  1. The mortgage industry. The lenders could eliminate brokers and go directly to consumers. Downside is paying the salary of the employee. Upside maybe better pricing due to scale?
  2. Insurance. Insurance can be done entirely online. Quote online. Bind online. Pay and print. I don’t see why agents are necessary. (Would require deep explanation of coverage options online in understandable manner)
  3. Personal trainers. Virtual personal trainers. Explain form for exercises and prescribe regiments ( I understand its limited, but virtual trainers… could be a VR thing)
  4. Real Estate. So I do not believe in eliminating realtors, It’s simply not a good idea, but the overall market is saturated and there are components that can AI would be superior.
  5. Cell phone sales. A bin can be used for repair drop offs and sales can be done completely online.
  6. Car salesmen. Most of the time, the consumer knows what they want to buy. The do not need the assistance of a salesman, usually.
  7. Clothing stores. Shopping online is just way way more convenient. They never run out of your size or color, and you can shop while sitting on your couch.
  8.  Scheduling movies. Waiting in line for movie tickets is not necessary, apps like Fandago make them completely irrelevant.
  9. Scheduling doctor’s appointments. An online portal is all you need. Find the time you wish to schedule and confirm.
  10. Bank tellers. Almost everything you need to do at the bank you can do with an ATM. You can open up a new account online as well.

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