10IAD #6 Old To New

10 Things that would be cool with a modern twist.

  1. Drive-In movies. They are back, but not in full swing. could be much much cooler.
  2. Cobblers. The term and industry seems to be dying, 1 off shoes could be very lucrative to the right person. People always want unique items.
  3. Typewriters. With built in microsoft word. limited but hip. mechanical keys.
  4. Letter writing. bring it back. somehow. maybe cool paper?
  5. Handkerchiefs. Well first off, they are super gross, but maybe could be cool. somehow.
  6. chain wallets. rather than chains maybe hemp or leather or rope etc.
  7. Keds sneakers. they have cool silhouettes. Minimalist styling. They could become cool like vans.
  8. Pocketknives. Pocket knives seem to only be for hunters, fishermen etc now a days, but in the day, all men carried them, obviously the world has changed, but a variation may be able to be made.
  9. Board games. An iconic board game with a modern twist, maybe its all done on an app somehow.
  10. Horseshoes. Still exist. but not every household has them. Could be cooler.

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