Breaking Brand Loyalty

Branding is a forever love of mine.

Everything behind a company’s brand. The logos, company culture, advertising, packing, products, and  most especially brand loyalty.

I am one of those peoples that swear by their brand of choice.

For Soap? Dove. Dove or get out of here. Whenever I see any other type of soap I just assume its of lesser value. Why? No particular reason other than I grew up with it. My mom and dad used it so now so do I.

For deodorant? Old Spice. I’ll switch the scent every now and then. One time I even tried that “swagger” variation because of the fun marketing… but it’s always Old Spice.

For Toothpaste? Colgate. Always and forever.

None of these particular products are incredibly fun and exciting. They just are what the are.

So what is it about these brands that make it so hard for disrupters to catch my attention? Am I just a loyal customer? Is the competition priced out?

Or has someone just not done it yet?


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