10 IAD #4 – Improving Malls

10 ways to improve the experience at malls

  1. A personal shopper assistant. they help you decide what shops to go to, tell you the deals, and help you pick out things.
  2. Bag runner. someone who runs the bags of items you just purchased and locks them in your car.
  3. Food court table reservations. Reserve the table of your choosing at the food court so you don’t have to run around finding one.
  4. Day care. A day care for mom so she can shop while her kids are at the day care.
  5. Shuttles. Sometimes the parking lot is packed and people may prefer being shuttled.
  6. Eliminate kiosks/stands. not all of them, just the one that push papers in your face.
  7. Jungle gyms. Have a common area with a jungle gym for the kids to play while one family member watches and the other shops.
  8. ultimate packages. including a movie, dinner, and shopping deal at favorite store, say 20% off or something to that nature.
  9. Universal shopping carts. They have them in the grocery store, target, walmart etc… why can’t there be on for every store in the mall.
  10. Eliminate bad stores. so many stores just are not good, have stricter regulations on stores allowed.

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