“Perfectionism is the ego’s wicked demand. It denies us the pleasure of process. Instead, we are told by the ego that we must have instantaneous success— and our perfectionism believes it, lock, stock and barrel.”- Julia Cameron

A common theme of mine is incremental progress.

Incremental progress is derived from the process.

So often we limit ourselves because of the fear of imperfection.

We are too intimidated to start a project of any sort because we believe we must reach a certain level of qualification before.

Qualification is built incrementally through  practice, experience, successes, failures, and fuckups.

Perfection is an unattainable goal because the ceiling grows with your own qualifications.

You will realize this when you climb the ladder and notice there is no end.

The truth of the matter is there are many people out there who are doing exactly what you want to do with less qualifications than you currently possess. And guess what, they don’t care. That’s a variation of a quote I probably stole from someone.




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