Purposeful Piloting

My days have been flying by and some parts of life start to feel insignificant, wasted, or without purpose. This happens when we are living on autopilot.

When we are standing waiting for our coffee staring at the baristas like hungry vultures. When we get gas and avoid eye contact with the person pumping gas right next to us. When the man holds the door open for us and we say nothing in return. When our mother calls to talk about nothing and we just say “yeah yeah yeah” until you hang up. When we sit in traffic and listen to the same artist, same album, and same song everyday.

So many hours and experiences of the day I felt myself simply enduring.

Rather than endure, I want to appreciate.

SO now I attempt to engage more with people. Smile more to strangers. Thank my parents for all they do. Thank friends for their time. Think about the skill I’m developing from reading these books rather than wishing their completion.

I do not know if any particular part of my life is now measurably “better” but I feel as if everything is becoming more purposeful.


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