Locked Out

I got locked out of my house the other day.

I was working out in the garage and my friend had to run inside to use the bathroom. I did not realize he locked the door on his way back out.

He left. I decided to do a bit more and eventually finished my workout.

I finished up my last set and thought about all the glorious food I was going to devour in the fridge. I couldn’t wait to drink a big glass of diet green tea (I’m a weirdo and really crave it).

Much to my disappoint, that was all a fantasy when I went to open the door and it was locked. I ran around to all the other doors and windows in hope of another option.


My family members were hours away and no one else has a key. I thought to myself oh no biggy I’ll occupy myself by driving to get some food and maybe just hang at my office.

Oh wait no keys no wallet, they are locked inside as well. Can’t go anywhere.

I called a locksmith and sat on the ground for an hour waiting.

This might seem dramatic, but I started to feel vulnerable. Obviously I could break open a window if I really wanted but besides that, I was rather powerless. It’s crazy when you realize how reliant you are to certain conditions and how much you really take for granted. If I didn’t have my phone what would I have done?

Things that ran into my head: The most obvious being shelter, I was in my sweaty gym clothes and it was cold, it full blown sucked, and I knew right behind that door I would be nice and warm. I was hungry, my fridge is always stocked with food but I couldn’t do anything about it. I had to pick up my friend from the airport in two hours, how am I gonna get there without keys. And I was just full blown bored.

I started to really wonder how rough homeless people have it. Physically and mentally.

The Locksmith eventually came and popped open the lock in a matter of minutes. (Side note- kinda freaks me out that they just have tools that can open up any door?) I was free again.

It was good to go through that tiny dose of reality to really let myself know how good I have it.



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