1 Billion

I dunno who this guy is, but he rocks glasses that only a billionaire could.

I never really pay attention to the lottery or gamble, but it’s fun to dream.

Driving home from school today I noticed the lottery billboard shown 999+ million.

I went deep in the rabbit hole and really thought about it, what would I do with a billion dollars?

A lot of things I’d still do.

I’d still train. I’d still live close to home. I’d still read, I’d still blog, and I really think I’d still stay in school. I’d still spend time with the same people.

A few things I wouldn’t do anymore.

I wouldn’t sell mortgages anymore, I wouldn’t pursue real estate in any capacity, I most likely would not work as a lawyer.

Selflessly, I would do a lot. But selfishly, what else would I do?

I’d hire an expert in every field I ever had interest in for weekly workshops. One week with a brazilian jiu jitsu expert,  a week with a scuba instructor, a week with a pilot, one week with a fashion designer, one week with a yoga expert, one week with a rock climber, one week with a writer, one week with a dancer, one week with a chef, one week with a spiritual guru, one week with a surfer….

I would try everything.

Now that I think about it more, many of those things I could do without a billion dollars.

Passion and profit. One provides the ability to pursue the other. When blended it’s a beautiful combination, in the meantime, I will just try everything until I find the perfect mix.

I’m gonna buy a ticket.


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