Little Appreciations

Monday through Friday, the majority of our lives, can get lonely.

This is the time you are solo, on your own quest, pursuing your own goals.

In order to survive this time, happily, you must become your own best friend.

Appreciating all the little things. The girl that smiles at you at Starbucks. Diane from Company X, that you never met, but talk to on the phone for 2 minutes every Tuesday. Repeating your favorite song, five times over. Grabbing lunch at the overpriced franchise of your preference. Your 30 minute break in which you try to hit on the same person every day. That 7pm yoga class. That pint of Halo Top ice cream.

Appreciate it. Learn to truly appreciate all the little things and it will make you enjoy your daily life even more. And if you do not now, switch up your routine until you do so.


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