Realizing Slow Progress

Sometimes we don’t notice progress because its small. It takes time. It adds up incrementally.


Sometimes, we don’t progress. The best way is to track yourself. Analyze your performance from a month ago, 3 months ago, 6 months… Have you progressed ?

If not, Why not?

Whatever you are doing isn’t optimal, so maybe its time to switch it up.

Sometimes it is really hard to switch it up. Because this protocol used to yield X results. But now your results aren’t 2X they are just X plus a little.

This occurs in people’s professions a lot! They become semi successful or get to a certain level .I notice it in personal trainers. They get a certain point. Make a great transformation, get a good baseline of strength, change their frame, slim down, get healthy…. all that good stuff. But they never become remarkable. They lose 100 pounds but gain 30 back. They stopped learning and progressing and it shows in their work. They won’t get to that next level because they are stuck in their old ways.

Analyze your progress, is it up to speed?


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