Power Of Tone

How many times have you heard…

“it’s not what you say, its how you say it”

Like a bajillion or so right?

Well its true.

I truly believe and stand by the thought that people who can convoy complex thoughts into simple words are genius, or at least great speakers.

And when you speak in simple terms, it is very very important to take note of your tone.

Your tone is everything. The same sentence can be conveyed happily, angrily, surprisingly or indifferent. Its all about how you say it.

Tone is important when in conversation. Imagine someone is so excited to share news with you and you simply say “Cool”. Cool can be treated as wow this guy really cares (Cool!) or wow this guy barely listened to what i said (..cool..).

If you want to make the right impression, don’t over-analyze the words you say….just focus on how you say it.

It can go a long way.


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