Finding Your Confidence

I’m not a particularly confident person. So I’m writing about confidence.

Besides sheer arrogance, Confidence builds with 3 things.



and Fearing Less.

Knowledge (Expertise). Notice how confidently professors speak when giving a lecture? Your favorite YouTuber speaks on their niche HOW-TO video? A karate instructor teaching a form to a class?

Talk to anyone passionate about anything.

They have spent so much time refining their craft they can confidently speak in front of anyone, forever. They’re in their element. So If you want to be a more confident salesman, become an expert. Talk to an expert salesman, study sales tactics, and practice.  Study the craft and the confidence will grow.

Improvement. Just get better at something. Anything. Progress builds confidence. Pick something you suck at, start at the bottom and get better. Seeing progress first hand will make you , I’t will in return build confidence.

Fearing less. Think about when in your life you were most fearless?

Fearless in action, maybe not so much in character.

Most likely, it was when you were a kid. When I was a kid I’d climb trees, jump out. Rode bikes and jumped ramps. Don’t get me wrong I was no dare devil. I was actually more of a timid push over. But at the same time, I was more confident in ways then I am now.

Back then you didn’t think about any real repercussions. Now I look at jumping out of a tree as a quick way to hurt my knees maybe worse. Back then that wasn’t even a consideration.

You know what else is a consideration that I fear just as much as physical pain, if not more? What other people think. Caring about what other people would think is the most significant way to limit yourself.

Tap into that childhood confidence. Don’t think of the repercussions and most importantly don’t think about what others will think.




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