Moving On

I recently shifted my career direction.

Fancy way of saying I quit a business.

Starting a business was fun, it was a field that was new to me and anything that is new is exciting.

Creating something, bringing it from zero to one, is a very satisfying feeling. I was addicted to that feeling, though more so than the business operations.

What’s most difficult about ending a business is “admitting defeat”.

You become known as the X guy or the Y girl, and you are now eliminating that label. you built a reputation and now you publicly are saying oh that’s not me anymore. Everyone will assume you stopped because you failed. And in ways it is a failure. And its embarrassing to publicly fail.


I think its incredibly valuable to know when to move on. And having the ability to do so. How often do we hear people talking about hating their job but cant move on, or being stuck in a relationship but they just “can’t”. Having the ability to move on is very powerful. And the sooner the better. If it is not working out… move on.


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