Inherently Lazy

I always always try to observe myself/behavior.

One thing I came to realize…

I am inherently lazy.

If I do not “have” to do it, I just won’t. And I justify why I do not need to to make myself feel good about it.

Very self defeating quality.

This is why I assign myself “homework”.

Read 10 page a day of this book, write this much per week, journal a little bit each day, workout 3 times a week, BJJ twice a week…

If I do not force myself to do that I just won’t. Its a bad/self defeating quality of mine.

I have a dozen books on my desk I have yet to open. I have gaps in my daily journal days long. I’m not where I want to be in my training.

Sometimes its necessary to reevaluate your “homework assignments” and adjust the load.

That’s how I’ll combat my laziness.



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