Reflections Of The Achievement Summit

Attending an in-person speaking event gives a special “feeling ” that a podcast simply can’t replicate (yet).

So although I listen to people like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuck often online, being in person was something unique.

Here are my 3 Main takes from the “Achievement Summit”.

  1. Everyone attending is there to better themselves. One way or another. So its cool to immediately know we are all there for a positive reason. It could just be me, but I felt comfortable even though I was one of thousands in the crowd (they said 6000 but I’m sure that’s a huge exaggeration). Where else can a group of strangers jump up and down and huge each other without fear of social repercussions. People of all walks of life attended, it was cool to have such a diverse group together.
  2. People like Tony and Gary are extraordinary in many many ways. But in some ways, they are just like us. I noticed Gary repeat himself countless times, said the word “listen” a thousand times before every sentence and even effed up and said questionable non “pc” comment. Tony was a bit more polished but even so, you could tell he lost his train of thought quite a bit.
  3. I’d probably never go again. It was a one and done type of thing. For one it was way too long. Also, all of the other speakers were just a bit too much for me. Don’t get me wrong I love the hustle but I don’t want to buy your mentor-ship package. Might be great for some just not for myself.  But I got the check off the in person Tony Robbins event off my life list and even got to add Gary Vee to it. Good day in my book.



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