Flexible Opinions

Be a flip flopper.

Maybe in politics being a flip-flopper can be a bad thing, but in everyday life you SHOULD be a flip-flopper.


Two forms of education can come from the following. New discoveries and the opposition.

New discoveries: Be open to new ideas, absorb them and try to incorporate them. Old school methods clash with new age methods all the time in various fields. Diets are constantly evolving and contrary to previous ideologies. There is a reason for this, we are learning more. New data and ways of thought are being discovered every day, every second. Don’t ignore new information just because you like having a safety net of fake fact.

The opposition: You should be open to new ideas. Everyone likes to stay consistent, its comfortable. I get it. But never let that detour you from entertaining opposing views. Learning comes from new perspectives.

Even in politics I support flip flopping. New information and data comes to life everyday. If your thoughts and opinions do not change overtime due to this information your not growing. So when a politician is labeled a flip-flopper for changing his or her view on a particular policy, I see it as a good thing not bad.





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