Simple (Significant) Switches

Sometimes the most seemingly simple switch can make a world of difference.

A simple way to practice gratitude is changing the way you phrase your daily routine. It’s really easy for us to stack the tasks of the day and get overwhelmed…

“I have to go to work. I have to call that person. I have to go to that meeting. I have to go to the dentist.”

A powerful rephrase changes the dreadful have to a grateful get. I get to go to the gym. I get to go on that lunch. I get to see my grandmother at the nursing home. I get to go to church.

Every time you say “I have to” change it to “I get to”.

It will be hard at first but eventually you’ll be saying it routinely rather than catching yourself.

This small change will transform your daily tasks to opportunities.

I wish I heard of this idea years ago… it would have made college a bit more tolerable.

Using this formula, what other simple switches can you create for a significant impact on your life?




One response to “Simple (Significant) Switches”

  1. “I get to read Gunnar’s new blog post” was already second-nature. But I will surely apply this to brushing my teeth and taking out the trash. 🙂

    You’re totally right. It reminds me of the same principle with smiling. Smiling actually persuades your mind to be happy. So if you’re struggling to find things worth smiling about in your life, just start smiling. Eventually (and almost instantly) you’ll feel better and have an easier time finding more to be happy about.

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