Pick Your Script

My most common theme is the process of building your “Ideal Self”.

I present it in different ways in attempt to reinforce rather than rehash.

So today, Pick Your Script.

Your life is a movie and the moment you were born, it was put into production.

There are MANY factors that go into making a good movie. Consider the main character, the cast, the scenes, and the script.

The scenes of the past have already been captured, but that is just the beginning.

How does the movie start off?

Is it boring? Well, you better do something to make it interesting soon or you’ll lose the audience. Don’t live the remainder of your life on autopilot or the crowd will walk out of the theater.

What is the main character like?

Someone you strive to be? No? Well luckily, since your’e reading this, the reel is still rolling. He can work on his weaknesses. Become a better person. Become a more interesting role. Your character still has enough screen time to impress you.

Does the protagonist suffer?

Be sure to allow these hardships to develop rather than destroy your character. Take it as an advantage. Great stories have great character development. It helps build a relationship with the viewer. We all love a good underdog story, hence why were okay with having 7 Rocky movies (Hell, I’d love to see 7 more).


Who’s the cast?

Are you surrounding yourself and working with an interesting cast? Do they support or constrict, you the protagonist? How likely is someone to get an award for best supporting role? Maybe you need to consider recasting.

What are the scenes?

Are you excited from scene to scene? Is there a lot of action or mainly dialogue (are you all talk and no go?). In this movie your the director so you can decide what’s next. So be open to steering yourself into situations that create a good scene. Few good films consist of risk averse homebodies.

What is the script?

The best part of it all… you decide.

Consider all variables of your movie. You are not the only member of the audience… be sure to remember that.





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