Just Get Started

Its easy to get caught up in thinking out every single detail of a particular project. I for one do it all the time. I’ll over analyze everything and anything. Particularly this blog. I was telling myself “Well I cant start blogging until my about me page is done” or the classic “Who am I to write about X Y or Z!?”

I constantly remind myself to just get started. Get working. The details on the “About Me” page will come. Everyone starts somewhere, experience will enhance my credentials over time. Don’t let yourself limit your own potential. Growth comes with time. Adjustments can be made, you have to produce to create value.

People tend to wait for the perfect moment. How often do you hear “Oh once I graduate I’ll start that business” or “Once i quit this job I’ll have more time to work on that”. You have to create your opportunities not wait for the perfect timing. Perfection doesn’t come.

For me, setting timelines allows me to avoid over thinking. Set goals with specific time frames and the motion begins. Its not rushing its just forcing your self to make the framework to finalize later.

This is not to say to rush things. Second guessing isn’t a bad thing. Just don’t get yourself in the continuous cycle of never getting started.


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