The First One

Purpose: My main purpose of creating this blog is to better myself. A form of self education. In an attempt to provide meaningful content, I will be forced to improve. This will also allow provide a form of accountability and documenting/journal-ing myself.

Inspiration: My most direct inspiration to get started was a newly found gym friend. He stressed the importance/benefits of writing in his life so I figured it may benefit me in a similar fashion.

Less personal inspiration comes from various other popular “Influencers”. The biggest being: Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss and James Altucher. Honestly, Rogan is core of them all. I have been an avid listener of the JRE podcast for about 5(?) years. Joe has brought on many many inspirational people who I will kick myself later for not including in this post. Each person I found particularly interesting has a common theme, they passionately provide unique yet relatable content.

Content: Great content providers are typically experts in their field. I am no expert in any field. So, why absorb my content? Honestly, I do not have a convincing statement now. I have many interests.  Some in which might be worth sharing. Maybe. At the least this blog will better myself and if anyone else takes anything from it, that will be a huge bonus.

Why Run N’ Gunn?

I’ve always loved cool names. Be it brand names, actors/celebrities, or movies/books. I like cool names. When names had a cool/romantic meaning behind the name it was that much more awesome to me. So, why Run N’ Gunn? I literally thought of it during the time span I googled WordPress and hit submit. I thought It looked cool in a search bar ( and liked the simplicity of it. That’s really it. I’ll figure out a cool synergy between the meaning of the term ‘run and gun’ and myself (Gunnar) later.

I’ll stop here. Staying on topic and being concise is going to be an issue for me, on top of grammar and overall sentence structure obviously. Historically I start many projects and never finish any of them. Hopefully the first post wont be my last.


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