Fresh Eyes

I’m the type of worker that doesn’t stop until the job is done. (Depending on my level of interest on the project)

I don’t have the patience or ability to do a little here or there.

I’d rather just put the entire day into it rather than hour chunks here and there.

It has worked for me so far, but I know it’s not optimal for every type of project.

This is because some projects need fresh eyes to finalize.

“Fresh eyes” is just like the term to sleep on it. Before making any big decisions you should always sleep on it. For any work that is important, take some time away from it to recharge and have fresh eyes.

Fresh eyes help you get that final sentence figured out to finish the paragraph. Fresh eyes give a new perspective that provide solutions to your problem you haven’t seen before. Fresh eyes catch mistakes you haven’t seen before.

For work that matters, utilize fresh eyes.


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