Boos Can’t Stop Dunks

The first barrier we run into when trying something new is ourselves.

Our inner voice. Talking ourselves out of it. Self doubt.

It’s hard to get past the first barrier. But you will because you have to..

Then comes the next barrier. The voices from others.

In comes in the form of, “That’s a dumb idea”, “It won’t work”, “It’s been done before” and many other variations. It’s the overall risk of embarrassment of putting yourself out there. The fear of failure and embarrassment.

This is where we have to remember that boos can’t stop dunks.

Defenders on the opposing team can, but not chatter from the sideline. They can’t stop the shot, unless we let them.

You will encounter many barriers along the way, just don’t let opinions of yourself and others be the ones who stop you.

Inspiration for post below 😉


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