Freeing From the Internal Voice

Forewarning, maybe I’m the only weirdo that does this, but I think we can all relate.

During my commute this morning I noticed I was arguing back and forth with my own thoughts for entirely wayyyy too long.

It literally got to the point where I got weirded out by myself.

These arguments never really are forward focusing, they usually occur when you spark up a bad memory. When for whatever reason, you start rehashing the same mistake or scenario from the past over and over and over again.

That one high school screw up, that one phone call with a client, that one deal you missed, that one opportunity you lost out one, that one girl you screwed things up with… the list goes on and on.

These arguments look something like this.

“Maybe if I just said this or did that…. things would have been different?”

“No, it would be the same.”

“Your right…. but what if I did this?”

“That wouldn’t matter either.”

“Are you sure?”

You begin to justify it then the other side of you drags you back down. It’s a vicious cycle. Then it starts to affect your mood and eventually affect your day. All caused from your own internal thoughts.

I realize this rehashings are inevitable but what can change is how you treat them.

(Here’s where it gets even weirder.)

The way to handle the negative internal voice is by disassociating yourself from it. This might mean or be different for each individual. But for me, the best way to explain it is similar to yoga/meditating when the instructor says, “Allow your thoughts to come in, do not block them, acknowledge them and let them float on”.

This results in more than just a calming sensation for me but a form of freedom, total freedom. A freeing feeling that I believe can be used in all uncomfortable scenarios of life.

*Inspired by the book The Untethered Soul by Singer*



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