5 AM First Timer

Today I woke up at 5 AM and I can’t say I loved it.

To be even more honest, it probably was the first time I have ever intentionally done that.

The moment I woke up I immediately attempted to talk myself out of it, I thought to myself, “Well, I can sleep until 6 and probably still get everything done”.

Nevertheless, I pictured Jocko Willink yelling at me and got after it. Coffee. Clothes. Gym.

To my surprise; I hit my programmed squat, bench, and deadlift numbers. Although I did feel I was operating about 85% my normal self.

The purpose of the 5 AM wake up is to squeeze in a workout and introduce a morning routine to set the intention for the day.

From 5-7:30 I have no interruptions.

This will allow me to do the things that I seem to always push off to the next day due to time/tiredness such as journaling, reading, meditating etc.

Posting this is a form of accountability. Here’s to hopefully a new routine.


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