10 IAD Daily Photos

I bought a fujifilm x100f in hopes that a camera that is smaller yet almost equally powerful to a DSLR would be a great carry around. I still have yet to actually use it, six months post purchase.

Here are 10 things I can take pictures of during the course of a normal day.

  1. Daily fit. A normal occasion for a girl on her instagram model lifestyle, but a bit funkier to pull off as a guy,  I could take a cool picture of my daily fit/clothes.
  2. Pull off a random exit. I drive 110 miles a day to school. On my way home I could take a slight detour off each exit to try to catch a new picture.
  3. Architecture. In a different life I think id pursue the career of an architect. Seems so interesting. anway, bridges buildings etc. I drive by them daily.
  4. Friends. Friends always make fun faces. Portrait photography has a special attribute about it unique to everything else.
  5. Self portraits. Goal of making it unique every day in some capacity.
  6. Bokeh shot. A different bokeh shot everyday.
  7. Interior. I often take pictures for real estate, I could take it a bit more serious and have fun with it.
  8. Landscapes. The classic landscape. A bit hard to probably take with the x100f, but the focal point would make for a cool challenge.
  9. Food. Food… something special about food. and if you make it look cool… game over.
  10. Night shots and sunsets. Sunsets are a bit played out but night shots are cool.


Not much detail in these and rather basic ideas. Harder to think of unique things than I thought.


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