10 IAD When To Be Present

Short answer all the time, but here are ten specific times a day that you should remind yourself to be present:

  1. When you are brushing your teeth. It will help you make you sure you are brushing properly rather than going through the motions.
  2. When you are in the shower. For same reasons above.
  3. When you are waiting in line for your coffee. It’s very easy to allow your body language to replicate your impatience. Take note of the vibe you are putting off.
  4. When in traffic. Be a pleasant driver, what are you really rushing to anyway? Make use of the time. Do not aimlessly scroll through your phone. Put on a podcast or actually truly enjoy a song. Find beauty in the scenery even if it’s just a plain highway (but be safe) .
  5. When on the phone. Actually listen to the other person on the other line. It will make for a less awkward conversation, help get to the point quicker, and overall make a more pleasant experience.
  6. When eating your food. Its very very easy to multitask while eating, its one of the times you actually can catch up on your phone while eating. But if you actually enjoy every bite and think about what you are doing, eating will be more purposeful and enjoyable, resulting in less snacking.
  7. When you are watching television. Some do it more than others, I am limiting my time doing so. But if you are going to watch it, why not truly enjoy it for what it is. Analyze the plot, laugh with the laughs, cry with the cries, act with the acts.
  8. When reading. Actually read. It’s so so so easy to skim. I truly don’t believe you can truly grasp information while skimming. If you are like me that is.
  9. When you are sending a text. It’s very easy to not fully read a text message and send a half attempted response. The people you are communicating with are worth your time, and if they aren’t why are you talking to them in the first place?
  10. When you are getting gas. Smile at the other people robotically pumping their gas, why not?




Do this and your day’s will be more purposeful.


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