10 IAD #3 – Clubs

I already failed the 10 daily ideas. The work around for this will playing catch up. I don’t mind if I miss a few days as long as I average one a day, 365 a year.

10 Ideas A Day, day 3 – 10 Ideas for a book-like-club variation.

  1. Blog club. Read each other’s posts and share thoughts with one another.
  2. 10 ideas a day club. Have to before end of day send each other your 10 ideas of the day to a public forum of some sort.
  3. Movie going club. every new movie that week the gang goes out together.
  4. Start up club. people who are starting new projects but need inspiration or just input etc.
  5. Cooking club. Everyone has their own style of cooking (except for me) that their families taught them. each week someone teaches everyoen else the dish of the day.
  6. Book club for writers. Talk about their book ideas; characters and storylines.
  7. Adventure club. Every sunday a new activity for the group, hiking, museums, camping, seeing a show etc.
  8. Hobbyist club. Every week someone introduces a new hobby to deep dive for the week. knitting, leatherworking, painting, writing, gardening etc.
  9. Board game club. Different board game every week.
  10. Workout club. Every week everyone challenges one another, some how they measure who burns the most calories, it refreshes every week. end of year whoever has teh most wins, wins.

Overall reflection of this one – really felt forced, not feeling it today lol.


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