Conscious Effort

Sometimes all it takes is a deeper desire to do better to have better results.

So in attempt to be better, I have been making a conscious effort to do so.

In training I think about executing all the steps independently and deliberate. For me that is during the big three of squat, bench, and deadlift as well as an armbar in bjj. I am sure it is just as easily transferred into your training of choice.

In work it is telling myself okay A, B, and C must be completed. Do not stop until it is done and done correctly. Focus on each task at hand and only that task.

In school it is assigning myself the work and completing it independently. Avoiding distractions and micro-tasking rather than multitasking. Sectioning off smaller assignments. Celebrating mini victories then moving on to next assignment. Not getting overwhelmed by magnitude.

In life it is being present. During the entirety of the day. Not rushing to the next thing. Smiling at each passing person. Trying to be first and engage first in conversation. Enjoying the conversation, not rushing through it. Brushing off the screw ups and admiring the victories.

Those are my recent conscious efforts. Make your own. 



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