Political Parties and Hand Soap

I use Dove soap.

I hear other people use different types of soap and I just don’t understand.

When I’m buying soap I walk by other types of soap all the time. Do I ever think to myself that maybe some other types of soap have better ingredients or pricing? Nope. I only use Dove.

Why do I use Dove soap and assume all other types of soap are inferior? My mom used Dove soap her whole life. So like her, I grew up on Dove soap. No other soap is worth the time.

Do we ever take the time to look up other soaps and think to ourselves….

“Hmm, maybe they are doing something different over there, maybe in some ways it’s even better?”

Nope. Who has time for that. They are probably lying about their ingredients anyway.

I vote Dove.

*Next time you go soap shopping take some time to compare competing brands. See what products they are offering, the ingredients, the price etc. Maybe one will surprise ya.*


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