Day To Day Mindfulness

After class I usually grab a Wawa coffee before rushing to the inevitable gridlock of  highway traffic on my commute home.

I was walking behind a couple on my way out. The man stepped aside and said, “here bro” and waved me on to pass him. I thanked him as I sandwiched myself between him and his girlfriend.

I didn’t realize how odd that was until I got into my car.

I realized I must have been in such a rush, I was essentially pushing them out the door with me.

I wasn’t being mindful. If the man didn’t “here bro” me I wouldn’t have realized it.

Am I as insensible in other situations? Does the cashier at Starbucks think I’m an asshole?

This isn’t to trip over small misshapes such as this. It’s just something to consider.

Be aware of your environment.

Be present.

Rush less.


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