Everything’s Connected

Ever talk about something, then soon after hear someone else talk about the same exact thing?

You may have a had a conversation with your best friend in the morning then throughout the day hear/see the same thought/idea on television, radio, another conversation, or maybe online.

You say to yourself “Wow, holy shit, I was just talking about this with So and So, that’s so weird.”

There is no clear connection between the two seemingly independent sources that would cause one to influence the other, yet they seem to exist at the same time?

Is it mere coincidence? Is it because we were influenced in some way? Is it because all of our ideas are never completely unique? Is it a higher power? Or, is it because we’re all connected somehow someway?

I think it’s a little bit of all the above.

There’s gotta be a name for it. It’s too weird and seemingly purposeful not to have a name.



One response to “Everything’s Connected”

  1. Just had that happen to me a few times the other day. Its weird, it seems to happen to me a lot with certain people, and usually multiple times in the same day. “Great minds think alike.”


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