Windshield Maintenance

On my morning commute to school I noticed a tiny chip in my windshield.

I got just a little bit upset, thinking to myself “Just got a new car and already got something to fix.” After a few moments I shrugged it off and realized its no biggy.

Then the idea of the windshield metaphor hit me.

(Metaphors, sometimes corny, but always fun)

Our car windshield, is our life. The cracks, the trials and tribulations. The dirt, the negative energy we carry with us.

Windshield. We experience life first hand through the windshield. It’s fragile yet durable. Without it, we have no direction.

Cracks. Cracks are mistakes. Cracks can be fixed. They can be sealed. The smaller, the better. They are occasional occurrences we learn from and move on. But if we do not learn from our mistakes, if we do not do maintenance, the structural integrity will be compromised.

Dirt. If you carry too much negative energy it will block your vision. Your judgement will be affected because your point of view is limited. You will start the make the wrong turns. You will eventually crash unless you maintain the dirt.

A bit woo woo I know. But it’s fun to be woo woo every now and then.

Practice self care and keep ya windshield clean.



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