Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has been in many great movies playing many great roles in different capacities.

But he will always be Harry Potter.

As time goes by that title may change. He may be a lead role in the newest HBO series and it may become the next Game Of Thrones. But for now, he has put most of his efforts into the Harry Potter series, he is a product of the time and effort he put into that role.

In life we all get to pick our role. Be sure you are putting time and effort into a role you are happy with.

One small role in a bad movie you did in 2006 isn’t going to become your identity, but know when to move on.

I had a short stint with selling insurance. I started calling myself the insurance guy and others started as well. At first it was cool, to have a title, but then I looked at it long term. Do I want to be the insurance guy forever?

I moved on from insurance. Nothing wrong with the field in anyway, it just wasn’t for me.

I’m still not sure what role I want, so I’m gonna audition for every movie I can. Some projects last longer than others but always know your series is coming.

Side note – Daniel has grew since Harry Potter but I don’t see a much cooler role in existence.


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