Advice To A Friend

In the past I sent this to a friend who felt lost. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and need to hear encouragement from a different perspective to pick ourselves up. When you find yourself feeling similar, maybe going over some of these ideas will provide some sort of insight. Maybe not, but it’s worth a try. (Yes, I kept it anonymous)

“Not to overstep but here’s my 2 cents. ( More like 28 cents )

I’m sure whatever you are going through is complicated. But complicated problems can be solved with simple answers.

Find something you suck at and get better at it. Improvement and progress feels great. Any hobby/activity you think is cool but never tried? Try it. Suck at it and every time you do it again suck less. After months you’ll become okay at it. Then maybe even good at it. Try it with multiple things until you find one you like. Seeing yourself improve feels so good and translates to other things in life. I was never strong and hated being a pushover so I got into power lifting and jujitsu. I sucked and sucked for a couple of years and I still suck. But I’m way stronger than I was when I started and would kick the ass of gunnar 5 years ago. I’m now far more confident in every aspect of life than I ever been. It translated.

Eliminate bad habits with good habits. Stay up too late at night? Start waking up at 7 am everyday and don’t take any naps. You’ll eventually get so tired you’ll fall asleep at a timely fashion that you are forced into. A good habit is created because you simply do not allow yourself to sleep past 7 am. Use that formula with anything. (Diet)

Make a mantra. I have two. I tell myself both of them daily in different circumstances. If I fuck up, feel awkward, embarrassed etc I just tell myself “it’s not that serious” because it really never is. My other one is, “be the man you want to be” in all circumstances, if you could be the hero of your own story how does he act what does he do in normal day to day life? Create your own mantras.

Understand that nothing you do or experience is entirely unique. Other people have been through or felt the same way as you a thousand times over. If others can figure it out, so can you. No matter what.

Practice gratitude everyday. I can immediately tell you 6 things to be gracious of. Your (Insert 6 personal things I detailed). People would kill to have 1 of those 6 things. You have 6. And that’s just the 6 I know of. You could lose 1 and still have 5 others.

Fulfillment. Don’t over analyze it. So many people get caught up chasing their dream they never pursue anything at all. Let’s say you want to make a better than average living. Great. But you also want to enjoy the work and be passionate about it. Well that’s two separate goals you are chasing. Understand that each are their own. One allows the other, they require each other to coexist. Eventually they may combine, but until then you must balance both. I do not love selling mortgages but they let me live the life I want until I figure out how to combine passion and “success”. If you immediately want your dream job and dream pay that just means you do not want to be happy. Pick 1 at a time and understand why you have to.

Keep on keeping on brotha. It’s worth it. “


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