What Creates A Good Fad?

A good fad is easy.

Easy to assign to.

It has low barriers to entry.

Little to no start up costs.

Its easy to understand.

it’s tribal.

Those are the elements or characteristics to a “good” fad. There are fads in many aspects of life especially dieting. Most recently the Keto diet has been in the spotlight. Keto is “easy”. You can easily assign yourself to Keto just simply saying you now are. It has no barriers to entry, you do not have to have expensive equipment or apply. From personal experience, it is not the cheapest “fad” diet but it can do economically. Conceptually, its very easy to understand, replace your previous fuel source of carbs with fats. You and a small tight net population now have this tribal like feeling of community, being on the same team, team Keto.

Understanding these elements of a good fad, one that will stick around for a while, what’s the next fad you predict?


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