Vicious Cycles

I titled this post on 02/27. Nearly a month ago.

I worry about quality to the point where I over analyze every word so hard that nothing gets produced.

“Ill do it tonight” leads to “I’ll do it tomorrow” Which leads to a month later.

That’s a vicious cycle.

How cool would it be if I stopped that cycle and wrote whatever came to mind every day. I could look back upon my thoughts years from now and say to myself “I was into this at X years old”.

(This is for myself ultimately anyway. I think you need 2 forms of writing. Personal and public. Public writing creates new thoughts that private does not. I think. )

Only way that will happen is if I stop that perfection-seeking excuse and just end that vicious cycle.

The cycle of repeating the same patterns. Expecting new results. But ending up with the same over and over again.

There are many vicious cycles.

Pushing off work that should have been done last week. Cleaning your desk as the pile builds and builds. Deleting your old emails as your mail app says 26,000 unread.  Hitting on the same girl over and over again hoping something clicks. Starting that new diet next Monday. Putting off that awkward phone call you don’t wanna have. Reading that book as it sits there unopened. Going to the same bar expecting a better time than before.

Think how much would improve if you just change the pattern and avoided the cycle all together.

No change no growth.



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