The journey is long and hard. Copilots are necessary. Whether it be for directions, advice and input, someone you can rely on when you are incapacitated, or just a listening hear… make sure you have a copilot. Victories are more glorious when shared. Hardships are easier endured when divided. Positive affirmations are great boosts during […]

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How To Learn

*Disclaimer: I’m an idiot* Learning became easier for me once I figured out how I learn best. I didn’t realize how I learned until I became relatively good at one particular thing. *What does that mean!?* Once I became good at a particular skill and then attempted a new skill, I used the learning tools […]

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Best Friend

The most important friendship in the one with yourself. The person you wake up to, the person you go to bed with, the person you wait in traffic with… is yourself. Learn to love loving spending time with yourself. This includes the following: Projecting the human qualities you seek from others. Do you like spending […]

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Total Refresh

Overtime, accumulation builds and builds… and eventually we hit capacity. This is a crucial point. It’s where we either raise the ceiling or lower the floor. But we don’t lower floors, do we? Here’s a 15 minute brain dump. Questions for myself and maybe you. Fake Momentum . Sometimes we are so involved in forward […]

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Reflecting isn’t Dwelling

In order to learn from our mistakes we have to look inward and analyze ourselves. But when analyzing ourselves we must be careful…. because while reflecting is beneficial… dwelling is diminishing. There is a fine line between the two. One creates a cycle of incremental progress while the other is a downward spiral of negativity. […]

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Passion and Profit

During the pursuit of doing what you love you might try to think of ways of monetizing your passions. Many pull it off and it is a beautiful thing. But it is not always possible… Some passions don’t mix well with profits. You’ll notice this when you find yourself pursuing the dollar over the fun.

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Set the Intent

You know those moments when you are bummed out so you turn on your favorite song because you know it will make it feel better? But sometimes it doesn’t… you don’t feel better. Because you lacked the intent. You have to intend to fix your mood. It requires effort. It always requires the intent.

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On & Off

Sometimes we don’t always feel right. There is no particular reason but everything just feels ehhh. It’s not a particularly sad feeling, just more so… off. Off brand, out of whack, not our normal selves. During these phases it’s important to remind ourselves just what exactly it is, a phase. For this period is just […]

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Too Many Eggs…

…Can spoil an omelet. Sometimes we do too much. We pick up too many projects resulting in 5 half finished ideas. We plan a trip one place but end up getting distracted by another and end up not going at all. We plan dinner reservations for a small group of friends, a friend invites a […]

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